Video Marketing

We Captivate and Compel Audiences to Take Action

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Remember that time you stepped from the cold darkness of a theater where you eagerly witnessed a film so haunting and beautiful that its story moved you for hours after? You witnessed the captivating power of great story, an ancient art mastered since the days of Socrates. Today, technology allows anyone to easily create a story through the omnipotent lens of a camera and share it openly with consumers through millions of devices. And this is how thousands of businesses are driving exponentially more revenue.

The very definition of video marketing is the intricate process of visually capturing and distributing a compelling story to your ideal target audience to provoke a profitable reaction. Video marketing trends show that 74% of internet traffic will ingest video content by the end of 2017.  If you’re not leveraging social media to market video content, consider that 81% of consumers use at least one social channel to research a product/service they are considering buying.  Further video marketing statistics show 59% of mobile users find mobile video advertising helpful. 75% of Instagram users take action after looking at a paid post (e.g. visiting a site). 18 to 34-year-olds identify Facebook as their primary social platform and 8 in 10 millennial users use it daily.  This isn’t anything new: 75% of all brands on Facebook are paying to promote and boost their posts on a local level given that organic reach has plummeted.  Data suggests a 52% fall in publisher organic reach over Facebook.  Now only 2% of a brand’s organic content is seen