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What Should You Know About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

An SEO firm’s services will improve website rankings in popular search engines for keywords commonly used by the target audience. This is accomplished through on-site and off-site SEO strategy including optimized site architecture, scalable indexing strategy, effective coverage of keywords, sensibly leveraging a product/service to influence engagement, content marketing, influencer development, and a lot more. It’s important you understand how modern-day SEO consulting services have changed over twenty years:

SEO evolved into a holistic marketing strategy, one that relies on cross-departmental participation by employees trained to leverage best practices used to influence search engine rankings.

You get what you pay for. Fly-by-night “SEO companies” promise page one rankings. Avoid them. These SEO services employ “black hat” techniques that permanently put your site at risk of being banned from major search engines until these misguided efforts are cleaned up. We strictly leverage “white hat” techniques with your long-term reputation and success as our highest priority. As such…

Be patient. There are rarely quick wins, but the financial reward is worth the wait. It’s hard to argue with the benefits of free traffic from your target audience, but not everyone can rank on the first page.  With a great SEO company, SEO still takes time, patience, and discipline. But when done right, great SEO offers all the world of difference.

Why Choose Us As Your SEO Agency?

  • Created SEO campaigns for clients driving hundreds of millions of visitors leading to financing rounds and company acquisitions.

  • Generated hundreds of millions in SEO revenue to clients and their partners.

  • Twenty years as an SEO optimization firm executing successful SEO strategies for small business start-ups with limited resources to enterprise-level companies with challenges at scale.

  • All SEO campaigns created under supervision of Marcus Flemming who pioneered SEO strategy since the 90’s and is co-founder of several Internet start-ups including, its SEO platform replicated in 12 countries leading to its acquisition by a Fortune 150 corporation.

  • 99% SEO client retention rate.

  • 99% SEO client satisfaction rate.

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