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     Why Upgrade at INReview?     

First and foremost, upgrading your membership will aid the financial stability of INReview. The cost of operating this site is otherwise funded completely out of the pockets of two regular guys.

Consider an upgrade as a donation that helps the site to function quickly and reliably as it grows to meet the high demands of increasing membership. Your membership will help the owners of INReview build in exciting new functionality to make INReview the most worthwhile community on the Internet. Without your support, it would not be possible to keep the site going.

Put it In Perspective

The cost of upgrading to a Gold membership is equivalent to spending $0.10/day or buying just ONE of the following once each month:
·  1 cup of coffee at Starbucks
·  1 FRAM Oil Filter
·  1 package of Kodak AA batteries
·  1 loaf of Vital Vittles sliced bread
·  1 pack of Bic disposable razors
·  2 bus tickets
·  A couple scoops of Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream
·  32oz. of tomato juice

Excellent Reasons to Upgrade

·  Buy it as a Gift for another member!
·  The value of an item increases when encased in gold. So it would be reasonable to assume the same goes without saying for your INReview account.
·  Aren't you wondering what really goes on in the Gold Member Lounge?
·  Very significant people throughout history have indicated the need for such a thing. Gandhi would have done it, but he had more pressing issues to attend to at the time. Malcolm X was known by some (at least this author) to have inspired others to do things such as get a membership through INReview. Joan of Arc was really fighting for the right to purchase something very similar to an INReview membership. Have you ever really read between the lines of Socrates's philosophical views? We have and we're not surprised. The Pope would do it if someone would just tell him about it.
·  Mom knows best and mom says, "Upgrade, honey!"
·  What is your reason? Whatever it is - we know it's excellent and we would like to hear it!


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Gold Membership! Upgrade to GOLD MEMBERSHIP to receive the following:**

  • Prestigious Gold Member Lounge! Access to the private Gold Member Lounge for GOLD MEMBERS only. This is where the bar is raised and paying members expect only the best from one another in an evironment where only a heightened level of respect and intellectual conversation is acceptable.

  • Email w/ Address Book! Your own personalized email address (! Access this email through a POP client or our own online web email interface (like Hotmail without the SPAM)! 10MB of storage! Store all your contacts in a comprehensive address book!

  • Weekly Conference with Administrators! INReview's administration realizes how important the feedback is of it's members. Once a week, Gold Members are given a backstage pass to speak directly with a site administrator to ask questions or offer suggestions!

  • Avatars! Add a personal Avatar to your posts! Avatars are custom images that can add some character and personality to your presence on INReview!

  • Member Spotlight! Get a backstage pass to your favorite Gold Members as they endure the spotlight by answering your personal questions! NEW!

  • Personal Journal / Public Blog! Speak up while standing atop your own personal soap-box! Use it as a Blog (Web Log) and share your commentary with the public or store your fondest memoirs in your prviate Journal!

  • Away Notifications! Planning an extended trip or a brief getaway? Let the folks in the forum know with our new Away feature that indicates in your posts and profile that you are absent! Anyone sending you a PM will receive an auto-reply message indicating you are away, the reason you are gone, and when you plan to return.

  • Bookmark Posts and more! Enjoy our advanced bookmarking system that not only allows you to privately or publicly catalog your favorite posts on INReview, but also import and selectively share your favorite bookmarks pointing to the sites across the Internet that you enjoy most!

    Get the above features and more:

  • Optionally remove all 3rd-party advertisements from the pages we deliver to your account once you are signed in!
  • Add color to INReview by changing your site style!
  • Store an unlimited amount of Private Messages in your Inbox.
  • Store important data in your private INReview Notepad allowing you to retrieve it from any computer with Internet access!
  • Access real-time weather reports for your area!
  • Ability to directly access any forum from another (Forum Jump).
  • Post polls anytime, anywhere!
  • Set and share your AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo! Instant Messenger information directly in your posts.
  • Ability to change your title at any time.
  • A GOLD MEMBER icon under your name in your posts.

    More features coming soon...
Choose: $3/mo.***
Gold Membership! Upgrade to GOLD MEMBERSHIP EMAIL PLUS to receive all the benefits of of the standard GOLD MEMBERSHIP, plus the following:**

  • Enhanced Email at Your Personal Domain w/ Address Book! Your own personalized email address (! Access this email through a POP client or via INReview's online web email interface (like Hotmail without the SPAM)! Store all your contacts in our comprehensive address book!

    Includes these features:

  • 5 custom email accounts like
  • 25MB of storage per account so you can handle lots of correspondence
  • Flexibility to add more accounts and storage as needed
  • Access to your email from your web browser or your favorite POP mail client, like Microsoft Outlook
  • SPAM filtering protection for junk mail to eliminate distractions and improve productivity
  • Support for larger attachments -- send up to 10 attachments per email for a total of 10 MB per message
  • Easy email archiving and access to old messages for improved organization
Choose:    Domain Name: [ find domain ] $8/mo.***
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